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    ORACLE 11g linux


      Hi Experts,


      We have recently moved from 10g(windows) to 11g(linux).

      As i am new to Linux I struggle a lot.

      Can anyone help me to solve the following issues...


      1. I am not able to open a .fmb file from the server. The open dialog box in the oracle form builder searches the file in my local system only but not the server connected by LAN.


      2. When I open a old 10g form it throws an error VGS1313 Font Lookup Failure. But i have installed Tahoma font (which i used to design forms in windows 10g) in my Linux (CENTOS 6) system and my /usr/share/fonts/truetype/msttcorefonts has the Tahoma font.

      (I followed the instructions in Linux and Unix tips: Install Tahoma font for Linux)


      3.Next thing is I am unable to use any Keyboard Shortcut Keys to open or save a .fmb file for e.g., ctrl+shift+K to Compile modules in my form builder. But when I go to Program-> Compile Module -> ALL I am able to compile. I am tired of searching Keyboard Mappings.


      Any help greatly appreciated.




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          Michael Ferrante-Oracle

          It sounds like you have a configuration problem.  Regardless, if you plan to work with an FMB (MMB,PLL, etc) on Windows then you need to install the Windows tools.  Attempting to use the Builder, installed on Linux, on your Windows machine is not supported.  It can, technically be done, but again is not supported by Oracle nor is it recommended. Refer to MOS Note 68047.1


          If you are actually trying to work with the Builder on the Linux platform, then you need to consider the product certifications. CENTOS is not a certified Linux platform.  Refer to the product certification guide for details.  You didn't mention exactly which version you are using so I can't point you directly to the document.  Determine which version you are using then find the appropriate doc from here:



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            Thanks for your Reply Michael,


            For my Questions, I have found the Following Solutions,

            2. For Font Lookup Failed I replaced the Tahoma font to Helvetica font in Form Builder.

            3.For the Shortcut Keys I Just made the Num Lock 'OFF'.Amazing! Its just Working ....


            For your Question

            I use Centos 6.

            Form Builder


            Now My only Problem with the form builder is ...

            I cannot access(open) files from Windows Server. Please tell me is there any tool or configuration to open a file from the Windows server from the linux machine?

            I tried a lot but the Open Dialog box in the Form Builder shows only the local files in my linux System.


            Any help is Greatly Appreciated.