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    How does the Error Row Definition and Error Message Lookup setup work?


      Suppose I use web ADI to load data to PA_TRANSACTION_INTERFACE_ALL (This is Oracle standard Interface table for Projects)


      I call a Importer (The Importer is called post upload of data to above Interface Table). The Importer will update the Interface table columns (TRANSACTION_STATUS_CODE) and (TRANSACTION_REJECTION_CODE) with values based on the clearing all validations. If validation fails, the column, TRANSACTION_STATUS_CODE is updated with value 'R' and TRANSACTION_REJECTION_CODE has the error code. This error code is stored in the Lookup, with Lookup Type = 'TRANSACTION REJECTION REASON'


      I define the Error Row Definition as follows -


      select * from PA_TRANSACTION_INTERFACE_ALL where TRANSACTION_STATUS_CODE = 'R' and BATCH_NAME = $param$.batchname (BATCH_NAME is populated in the Web ADI Template)


      I define the Error Message Lookup as -


      select meaning from apps.fnd_lookup_values where lookup_type ='TRANSACTION REJECTION REASON'

      and language='US' and lookup_code = $param$.TRANSACTION_REJECTION_CODE


      I have defined the , Document Row : Interface Attribute Mapping - with the column, ORIG_TRANSACTION_REFERENCE (THe column with the Unique value for a row and links the Excel row with the Interface table)


      I feel my setups are fine. Still why the Error -

      An error has occurred while running an API import. The ERRORED_ROWS step 275:ER_501996, parameter number 1 must contain the value BIND in attribute 1.