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    How to rename online redo log files in restore rman backup to another server with different asm location?


      I'm using Oracle Database  I'm trying to restore (not using duplicate command) rman backup as another database (newtest) on another server with different asm location but I cannot figure how to rename redo log files.


      The following is the result returned from v$logfile of the database (test) which was backed up using rman:


          GROUP# STATUS  TYPE    MEMBER                                    
      ---------- ------- ------- -------------------------------------------
               1         STANDBY +REDOA/test/onlinelog/group_1.262.834271241
               1         STANDBY +REDOB/test/onlinelog/group_1.262.834271243
               2         STANDBY +REDOA/test/onlinelog/group_2.263.834271245
               2         STANDBY +REDOB/test/onlinelog/group_2.263.834271249
               3         STANDBY +REDOA/test/onlinelog/group_3.264.834271251
               3         STANDBY +REDOB/test/onlinelog/group_3.264.834271255
               4         STANDBY +REDOA/test/onlinelog/group_4.265.834271257
               4         STANDBY +REDOB/test/onlinelog/group_4.265.834271259
               5         STANDBY +REDOB/test/onlinelog/group_5.266.834271265
               5         STANDBY +REDOA/test/onlinelog/group_5.266.834271263
               6         STANDBY +REDOA/test/onlinelog/group_6.267.834271269
               6         STANDBY +REDOB/test/onlinelog/group_6.267.834271271
              17         ONLINE  +REDOA/redo17.log                         
              17         ONLINE  +REDOB/redo17.log                         
              18         ONLINE  +REDOB/redo18.log                         
              18         ONLINE  +REDOA/redo18.log                         
              19         ONLINE  +REDOB/redo19.log                         
              19         ONLINE  +REDOA/redo19.log                         
              20         ONLINE  +REDOB/redo20.log                         
              20         ONLINE  +REDOA/redo20.log                         
              21         ONLINE  +REDOA/redo21.log                         
              21         ONLINE  +REDOB/redo21.log                         
              22         ONLINE  +REDOA/redo22.log                         
              22         ONLINE  +REDOB/redo22.log                         

      24 rows selected



      The asm locations in the destination server are +REDOC and +REDOD so +REDOA should be renamed to +REDOC and +REDOB should renamed to +REDOD.  There won't be a standby database for database newtest.  I have tried adding

      *.log_file_name_convert='+REDOA','+REDOC','+REDOB','+REDOD' to inittest2.ora but I got the following errors:


      RMAN-03002:failure of alter db command

      ORA-00349: failure obtaining block size for '+REDOA/redo17.log'

      ORA-15001: diskgroup "REDOA" does not exist or is not mounted

      ORA-15001: diskgroup "REDOA" does not exist or is not mounted




      Thanks for any help.