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    New to WebCenter OFR, where to start?




      I am new to OFR, and looking for samples/examples that explains how to work with OFR for data extraction. Documentation is very huge for a beginner like me (Installation Guide, Designer Guide, WebVerifier Guide, Verifier Guide, Runtime Service Guide, etc). Please share any sample/example you would have.



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          VikrantKorde 1



          You have not mentioned what part of OFR you want to use and for which business case. So I believer you want to know about OFR everything.


          For installation you should refer Installation guide. After that you may not need it much frequently.


          Go through Scripting Guide - Chapter 2, it has good overview


          Go through Runtime server guide for simple tweaks.


          All other document you need to use based on what thing you have to do.



          Vikrant Korde.

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            Thanks Vikrant for reply.


            My usecase is that, I want to integrate BPM with OFR where in a customer sends his invoice/complaint in pdf document/image, When this document is delivered to OFR for data extraction, it should extract data, and populate an xml payload file that will be sent as an input to a BPM process, and initiate the BPM process. I am not sure if this could be done WebCenter Capture itself, but I guess it helps us in setting up the email account where it polls for emails and sends attached docs to OFR for data extraction. So, now I am looking for data extraction part using OFR.

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              VikrantKorde 1

              OOTB OFR project is configured for Invoices only. The PDF that you want to process, is that invoice? if it is something else then you need to train OFR to read that document.

              ODC can definitely push the document to OFR for further processing. You can also use import server to pull the images from email account.


              I am not sure how you can invoke BPM flow. Can BPM listen to the folder ? if yes then you can use OFR-output folder as an input to that process and it can then invoke BPM flow.



              Vikrant Korde