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    Can a new calendar created in OBEE 11g ?


      We have a specific requirement to schedule reports based on the client's fiscal year. There will be certain reports that follow the fiscal year calendar and the rest follows the default Gregorian calendar. One option is to schedule the reports based on the specific dates in OBIEE 11g by manually selecting the dates on which the report has to be run. But this could be cumbersome as the user has to select the same dates over and over again for each report. Alternatively , is it possible to create a specific calendar template and reuse for different reports ? I have seen a similar functionality in SAP BO wherein a calendar can be created by specifying the dates. User can use this calendar to schedule the reports. Please share some ideas on this.

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          Create your calendar in the Database as you want it...Lets say you have a requirement to run on 1st, 3rd and 5th, 7th and 18th of the month..Then have a flag in the DB for these dates.


          Then create a simple analysis on your calendar table to return a row when the the flag for these dates is true.


          Use this Analysis as a condition for your agent to run only when the analysis returns a row. So the agent will run only on those dates that the analysis returns a row..

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            I would go with vjbez1, as we did same for one of our banking projects, where we supposed to send reports on their business days. we get holiday list first then we have a flag, based on the flag assign the reports were triggered.