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    cluvfy 11.1 on OL6.5 error : Cannot identify the operating system


      Hello Experts,


      We are testing new hardware, so management wants to install our current environment which is Oracle RAC Unfortunately we had to install OL6 instead of the OEL5 we currently run, due to hardware and storage requirements. Once this testing is over we will be migrating to 11.2 and all will be well with the world.


      The issue is that when we try to run cluvfy we get an error on the operating system check -


      [main] [14:58:24:882] [sVerificationUtil.getUniqueDistributionID:274]  Successfully executed command: '/bin/sh -c /bin/rpm -q --qf  %{version} redhat-release'; Tue Dec 31 14:58:24 GMT-05:00 2013

      [main] [14:58:24:882] [sVerificationUtil.getUniqueDistributionID:283]  The command output is: '6Server'; Tue Dec 31 14:58:24 GMT-05:00 2013

      [main] [14:58:24:883] [sVerificationUtil.getUniqueDistributionID:326]  ==== Could not retrieve unique distribution tag; Tue Dec 31 14:58:24 GMT-05:00 2013


      [main] [14:58:24:906] [CluvfyDriver.main:262]  Cannot identify the operating system. Ensure that correct software is being executed for this operating system.; Tue Dec 31 14:58:24 GMT-05:00 2013

      I found older and newer blogs that listed 'workarounds' of installing a 'stub' package to get around this verification. For instance MOS Doc ID 1567127.1 explains the workaround for 12c on Red Hat.


      Does anyone have a similar workaround that would help me get past the cluvfy error installing 11.1 on OL6.5?