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    which version of DB for OEM Grid 12c is stable?


      Hello friends.


      My intention is to set up a new OEM Grid 12C OMS installation.


      This will be for a relatively small number of databases, approx. 40 or 50, mixture of production and test/dev.

      I intend on having the OEM repository database on the same server (or VM) as the OMS software.

      I've done it this way in the past and it works fine without any resource contention (regardless what Oracle recommends).


      The question I have is if I set up the OMS 12c, what is the latest and most stable (recommended) version of database to use for the OEM repository database.

      My initial thoughts were to use EE, because I'm not crazy about using the first version of an Oracle database release (i.e., 12.1).

      In the past, for every version I can remember going back to v.6, the second release resolved all the major issues with the first release, and also included new features that didn't make it into the first release.


      My installation will be on a VM running Redhat Linux 6.4.


      Thank you in advance...


      I've found the OEM forum and moved this message to the OEM forum.