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    MRD & Numeric Overflow - (DEVS?)


      Apex version :


      Greetings -


      I'm hoping someone has an idea how to further track this issue or even fix it.


      I have a tabular report linked to a table with a PK called "ID" that is of type numeric and auto-populated with a GUID via a trigger when record is created.  When the report was created, MRU and MRD buttons were also created.  The MRU works just fine.  When I try to use the MRD (with 1 or more records selected), the application throws an error:


      Error processing Multi Row process.

      ORA-01426: numeric overflow ORA-01426: numeric overflow


      No math type functions are being done.  I have several other tables with a GUID PK using this same report/button combo and they work fine.  I've tried dropping the report and recreating it but still have same issue.


      Also, I have a details page for records in this table.  I'll throw the error trying to delete record "XYZ" from the tabular report, but it deletes just fine from the details page.


      Tracking through debug just shows an "Add error onto error stack" message after the MRD process is called ... not very helpful.


      Any ideas?