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    EBM_to_Fault Does Not Successfully use apply-templates


      I am not sure if anyone can answer this but I was trying to capture a business fault.  I am using JDeveloper and SOA  I have an Assign in my Catch of the business fault in my ProviderABCS where it has the first line of ora:processXSLT('xsl/EBM_to_Fault.xsl',bpws:getVariableData('EBM_HEADER')).  Although my EBM_HEADER is assigned and I can see all the values in my EBMHeader and BusinessScope, the processXSLT doesn't execute the apply-templates statement.  It will only display the values assigned to the FaultMessage and FaultingService elements.  I even made sure that the Business Scope InstanceID is set to 'BusinessProcess'  in the EBMHeader so that it would pull in the BusinessScope section.  One thing I did notice is that when I removed the */ next to corecom:EBMHeader on the apply-templates statement, it brought in and assigned values to the EBMHeader and BusinessScope but not the Sender section.


      Does anyone have an idea why the EBM_to_Fault is behaving this way?  I can't find any information showing how this can be addressed.  Let me know if you have any other questions in case I missed anything in this topic.


      Thanks, Jackie