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    Multiple Endeca images with multiple static IP's

    Marco Snels



      I have the following problem:


      I have created an Oracle Linux 64BIT image with Endeca V3.1. I set the network connection to NAT and entered that IP in my Host file with my hostname. Everything was working fine, because I used a static IP > Configured that in the Host file and installed Endeca afterwards.

      But now we would like to use this image for trainings. So I would like to copy this image like 10 times and use static IP's for every image. BUT every image has a different static IP.


      The problem that I face now is that I cannot connect to my Endeca Server via the Terminal or Studio. The static IP of one of my images is I have configured my Host file like this:

          localhost.localdomain          localhost.localdomain


      Endeca Server starts but I cannot connect to it and get the message:


      "Could not connect to Endeca Server at localhost:7001"


      Does anybody know how I can fix this problem so that I don't have to re-install Endeca for every single image?