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    Populate tabular form Programmatically by another query.


      In my page I've one form region and one tabular region.

      In one item of form region contain a dynamic action.

      my tabular region based on T_2.

      Now I need to populate tabular region programmatically by firing dynamic action.


      Select Col_1,Col_2

      From T_2.

      this query returning 10 rows.

      now I need to populate these 10 rows on tabular region.

      after that i'll add some more rows by clicking on "Add Row" button.


      Please help me that how can I add row programmatically in tabular region by using cursor and loop.

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          Hi everyone,


          Following this same issue, I will need the same aproach, but  I will need not only in a tabular form but in a regular form also, I want to be able to make a search in a region with a textbox and a button and a dynamic action that triggers the sql query like this



            P10_FIELD1 LIKE P10_TEXTBOX


          Also if possible that if that query returns more than one row, be able to navigate with > >> < << next, previous, last, first buttons like we did in Oracle Forms, is this possible using APEX?