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Refresh main page after return from another

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Jdev is and I have the following setup.

There is a main BTF (let's call it BTF1), inside of it second BTF (BTF2) as region. Within BTF2 we have a button, which launches some other taskflow (BTF3), the MB code is


    public void launchWindow(ActionEvent actionEvent) {

        FacesContext fctx = FacesContext.getCurrentInstance();

        Map<String, Object> params = new HashMap<String, Object>();

        HttpServletRequest request =


        params.put("param1", param1);

        params.put("param2", param2);

        HttpSession s = request.getSession();

        String taskflowURL =


                                                           new TaskFlowId(taskflowDocument_1,



        ExtendedRenderKitService erks =

            Service.getRenderKitService(fctx, ExtendedRenderKitService.class);

        StringBuilder script = new StringBuilder();

        System.out.println("tasflow url: " + taskflowURL);

        script.append("window.open(\"" + taskflowURL +


        erks.addScript(FacesContext.getCurrentInstance(), script.toString());



The goal is to refresh BTF2 when user closes BTF3 window. How can this be done?


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