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    what is the future of Applets?




      I miss those days when (unsigned) applets could run just opening their host web page.

      I am talking about applets that could do safe, non security threatening tasks.


      Now that is over.  As newer JREs are released,  we find newer restrictions on java applets in browsers.

      For example, now plugin comes disabled,  and when you enable it you get a warning about potential security risks.

      Then you run the applet and see some other warnings.  For some tasks you have to open Control Panel and adjust security settings.

      Also, if applet is signed, you have to deploy it with a certificate obtained from a CA.

      All this is complex for an average user. Seems that Oracle is discouraging applets in web pages.


      In the other hand we have flash and js, which maybe not so powerful as java, but they work fine for replacing applets and are more "transparent" for the user (there are not so many warnings).

      You can make animations, forms, interactive web pages.... every safe task that could be done with java.... AND without all those warnings.

      So what do you think about the future of applets?  Will they be replaced by other technologies? Will they survive?


      Thanks for your opinion!!