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    Has Windows 2012 R2 been certified with Java 7 -- minimum version?




      Sorry if this is the wrong area, but could not figure the best place in the forum for this question. When I look at the official system certification page from Oracle for JDK/JRE 7, I see that Windows Server 2012 has been certified with 1.7.0_10.  There is no mention in the document for what version to use with Windows Server 2012 R2.  Is the OS still in the process of being certified with Java?  Is the certified version (which I'm guessing means the minimum) still 1.7.0_10 for R2 as well?  Does this mean that Java is not officially supported by Oracle with Windows 2012 R2?


      Oracle's Java 7 System Certification page:




      Thanks for all help in advance.