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    Dataguard setup

      Hi All,


      Aix 6.1


      We have PROD server (with PSU which is cloned to another Test Server. The purpose of this Test Server is to apply (PSU and test if our prod app will run smoothly and have no issues.

      If successful, then we will patch the PROD server to


      My question is can I setup dataguard from  (PROD) to  the Test Server (



      Thanks a lot,


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          No. They should be the exact same version. It's as simple as that.


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            Ouch! and to think this is the priority task I can not do the DG setup now? I already patch the target to PSU


            So how can you patch an existing DG if the have to be of the same patch? Its ironic right? Eventually you have to patch the primary. So they wont be the same anymore at one point in time.



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              Hello again;


              Is it possible to move to


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                Thanks mse


                What is the advantage of moving to


                By the way....we have also 9i database. Is dataguard on 9i can be open in read-only mode to?

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                  "What is the advantage of moving to"


                  For one you will be ready for the next quarterly patch from Oracle. Plus if you ever open a support ticket you would be current with Oracle 11 thus avoiding the whole upgrade and see if that fixes it thing.


                  I don't know the answer to your Oracle 9 question, but I'm thinking no.


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