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    Recover Physycal Standby 11gR2




      I have a Dataguard involving a physical standby database. This standby node, haven't been recovered for a very long time, a the mostly of the archive logs aren't present in the disks, and sure neither on tap.


      I want to recover it with one of the RMAN backups that I have taken recently (last week) in the primary node, as part of the current backup policy. And my question is:


      Which is the best way to recover/restore it with the full RMAN backup? must it be performed in the some way as when we restore an RMAN backup in a differente database in another different server where the RMAN backup was taken? - I want to say, as if the target database wasn't a part of a DataGuard infraestrctucture.


      Thanks a lot in advance.