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    Can't uninstall 10g


      Seems like I messed it up pretty good, I'm currently in an PL/SQL class, and had 10g installed from last terms class. The instructor had us uninstall 10g, to prepare for installing 11g. This went off without a hitch. But when I got home and tried to install 11g on my Win7x64, I was not able to get it to start up. I went online and read about issues with running the 32bit program on a 64bit system.

      So, not thinking all too much I decided to restore my computer to before I uninstalled 10g. Now 10g does not work. So I uninstall 10g... but its still there, no links in the program list work, but I see it in the control panel.Clicking uninstall does nothing, and 11g will not install because I already have the oracle service running since I still have parts of 10g.


      I have a temporary fix, about to install the virtual box, and try a small Linux OS like Puppy Linux and install 11g on that.


      But would anyone happen to know a permanent fix, or remove everything so its not wasted space on my drive?

      ANY help would be appreciated!


      Oh, and after I uninstalled 10g the first time, i used CCleaner, both the normal cleaner and the Registry cleaner. I still have the save reg save file from before i deleted like 138 entries. I can try that but I don't want to waste any more days trying to figure it out myself when I need to be catching up in class and there may be a pro who can help faster. Thank you in advance

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          Try the manual 10g deinstall steps, environment variables and registry cleanups, etc. at Oracle® Database Express Edition


          The URL to the Windows Installer cleanup utility is nearly a dead link, not quite sure if the "new" utilities do the job or not. The 10g version is a bit long in the tooth, its been quite a while since patches were made unavailable for 10g from oracle.


          A VM with linux is a great way to go, I'd suggest fedora, see:  Fedora Project - Get Fedora: Desktops, Other Formats, Spins, Cloud Images, ARM or Secondary Arches. if you're at all familiar with the RedHat OS. A new Fedora comes out once or twice a year- but getting your feet wet on a unix-like OS going that route will be less expensive than buying a mac and there are some changes to Ubuntu making it something of a challenge to get the 11g XE linux installer to do a successful install.


          Personally, I like Virtual Box, https://www.virtualbox.org/wiki/Downloads for me it works easier than one of the other VM setups that offer trial or "free" versions. The VirtBox install will pop your NIC adapters, several times, and the "certified Windows" gripes are annoying too.


          Have not yet tried XE on Fedora 20 at or even 19 yet, so many other priorities needing attention. All Fedoras I've done an XE install on worked fine. One item that will help, especially if memory is tight, shrink the main OS partition by a few MiB and increase the swap partition to at least 2GiB to dodge an XE preinstall check hurdle. Installing to a 10GiB disk for the VM is enough to get XE up and running, although there won't be much room to spare for data growth.


          And if you're more Windows than *nix experienced, try the KDE Live version. A Live release is about a CD-size download, easier than DVD (few options) and KDE won't be *quite* as much the OS change you'd see with a default Gnome desktop. Be sure to get the X64 version, and set the guest to X64 architecture as well.