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    SQL-Developer Bug? No negative values for axis scale accepted

    UW (Germany)

      I reported this problem already for the versions EA1 and EA2 of SQL-Developer 4 (4.0EA1 No negative values for axis scales in diagrams) but it still exists in  Even if it is now possible to define the minimum and maximum values for the y-axis of a diagram, I found no way to enter negative values for the minimum value. Neither -100 nor (100) is accepted. The value always switches to 0. I have a report which shows values from -97 to 387. Automatic scaling sets the y-axis from -200 to 500 but I would prefer a scale from -100 to 400. How is this possible?


      btw.: the German translation for "scale" in the diagram settings is bad. It is translated with "Nachkommastellen" but it should be "Skalierung".