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    Time based recovery in RMAN Duplicate.


      Hi All,

               In rman-duplicate Time based recovery is working fine If we are connecting to the target database. But if we do duplicate without connecting to target,it roll-forward till the latest scn.


      suppose ,consider we have archive log backup till 2 PM. and we want to roll-forward till 1:30 ,is it possible to do that without connecting to target by using duplicate?

      I am able to do that when we are connecting to target.But if I do the same without connecting to the target,duplicate command  returns

      RMAN-05575: CONTROLFILE backup created before TO_DATE() not found in /backup01

      command : duplicate database to  new UNTIL TIME "TO_DATE('08-JAN-2014 15:22:31','DD-MON-YYYY HH24:MI:SS')"

      database version :

      I can understand that it is getting those data from controlfile of target.Is it possible to achieve this without connecting to target?