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    Siebel Oracle DB upgrade from to

    Diwakar Ambi

      As per the Siebel 8.1.1 bookshelf, it is mentioned that Oracle 11g R2 or above is supported for Siebel server version 8.1.1 through

      But if we upgrade the Siebel database on Oracle DB from to would there be any impact?

      Also during the upgrade we will back the siebel DB and application servers and then restore them after the upgrade.

      But do we need the backup and restore other applications like OBIEE or Fusion which are integrated with Siebel during the Siebel Oracle DB version upgrade.




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          If db upgrade is done correctly/successfully there should not be any issues.


          It is always recommended to full export of each instance as an insurance policy.

          Worst case you would have to create new empty shell with same service etc to match current tnsnames.ora and import the full export. Afterwards verify indexes and update stats. Always compare exp/imp log files for any possible errors. Or datapump if your dba has setup.


          As for app servers, always have working backups, typically no worries unless you are updating/reinstalling db clients as well... as always try to keep paths same if possible, updating all references to new db client ORACLE_HOME can be pain.