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    Drilldown chart to report - not filtering report value


      Hi, I created a bar chart for item type.  I would like to click the chart item and it bring me to the item report but filtered by item type.  Currently it clicks through but is not filtering by item type but pulls the whole report. 


      I'm following the general syntax:

      The URL syntax for a link is:



      My specific link syntax is:

      select 'f?p=&APP_ID.:2:'||:app_session||':::::P2_hw_type_id:' link,

      ht.model label,

      COUNT(h.ID) value1

      from hw h, hw_type ht

      where h.hw_type_id=ht.id

      group by ht.model


      Where am I missing the operation to pass the clicked value into the report?