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    FRM-41051 - Update and Insert Allowed set to Yes


      I have a form that is triggering a FRM-41051 error when I try to update or insert items to the form.  The layout of the form is as such:


      Var GroupLOV ButtonVariableLOV ButtonName


      Both the Var Group and Variable fields have their Insert Allowed and Update Allowed properties set to Yes.  When I press the LOV Button after Variable it works as expected and a Variable LOV list pops up and it allows me to both insert new Variables, or update existing variables.  When I press the LOV Button after Var Group I trigger the FRM-41051 error.  I know that this error occurs when an item doesn't have it's Update or Insert Allowed property set to Yes, but I can't find any additional code in the form that sets the Var Group properties to No.


      I've also tried to create a Block Trigger that set the property for the Var Group to Yes, but that didn't work, and triggered a bunch of other errors.

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