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    ORA-01450: maximum key length (6398) exceeded in 12c but not 11g

    Duncan Gardner

      Using this bit of code in an 11g or 12c database with character set AL32UTF8 yields different results:

      CREATE TABLE dunc_test (col_198 VARCHAR2(198 CHAR), col_200 VARCHAR2(200 CHAR));

      -- Works
      CREATE INDEX ix_dunc_test1 ON dunc_test (NLSSORT(col_198, 'NLS_SORT=BINARY_CI'))

      -- Fails in 12c only
      CREATE INDEX ix_dunc_test2 ON dunc_test (NLSSORT(col_200, 'NLS_SORT=BINARY_CI'))

      Is this a bug in 11g or 12c? According to the doco I suspect 11g was more lax.