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    Re_ Read Txt or Htm file through developer9i

    Wissam Abdallah

      Hi, anyone can help me??

      I use Devloper9i AS, oracle 9i, Winxp

      I have a (data.txt) text file and data.htm (html file) as well which contains climate data for example

      OLBA  25/23....

      which means temperature is 25 and humidity 23

      I already created a table climate table having two fields: temperature and humidity filed


      My question I need a PLSQL  procedure or function   which open these two file(data.txt,data.html) , read their contain(temperature , humidity ), to finally insert them into my table climate.


      Thank You for any support.

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          Michael Ferrante-Oracle

          First, please do not duplicate postings.  It will not help you get feedback any faster.  Second, as you will see me mention often, it is very important that you always include your product versions when posting.  Each product version may have different behavior or restrictions therefore letting us know what you are using will help us to provide you accurate information the first time.


          As for your question, I will assume you are using Forms (like I said, you didn't provide versions or product information).  Refer to the Builder Online Help for TEXT_IO.  This built-in allows you to read, write, or update text based files.  If your application is client/server based and not running as a web application then TEXT_IO will do what you requested.  If your application is web based and the files you want to read are on the client machine then you will need to write a java bean to perform the task.  If you upgrade to a current version (e.g. 11.1.2), you can use WebUtil for reading/writing files on the client machine.

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            Wissam Abdallah

            first thank you for your suggestion

            let me first declare the version of my soft wars

            i m using

            1_ Oracle Entreprise Manager version

            2_ Forms [32 Bit] Version (Production)

            3_ Oracle JInitiator: Version

            4_ WebUtil Version 1.0.2(Beta)

            5_ window xp service pack 3


            From the above software especially WebUtil Version 1.0.2(Beta)  can I get and read text file or html file?

            thank you

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              Michael Ferrante-Oracle

              Wow - these are very old and very obsolete versions.


              Regarding whether or not you can use WebUtil to read a file, in general, yes you can use it to read a text based file if the file resides on the client machine.  However in your case, you are using a non-production version and worse, a very old beta.  So, I do not recall if the functionality to read files in that versions was stable at that time.  But, feel free to try it.


              That said, why are you using such old software?

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