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    Solaris 10 Raid 0 Recovery


      I had a computer that I installed Solaris 10 on and create a Raid 0 partition using three physical disks. That computer motherboard blew up and I kind of forgot about the hard drives. I recently built a new computer using Windows (for work) and wanted to repurpose the physical drives but am not sure what is on them. Is there a way to view these files anymore without installing Solaris 10 on a drive? I used diskinternals linux reader and can see the volumes and the zfs volumes and solaris reserved volumes but I am unable to view any of them with this program.


      Any help is greatly appreciated as I'm pretty sure I have a bunch of videos and pictures of my kids and family but I'm not sure how to see them and move them off the drives.



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          I can't think of any easy way to do this other than to boot this system from Solaris 10 and attempt to import the existing pool on these disks by using the zpool import -f command. If the disks and pool info are still intact, then it might work. Otherwise, there might be a way to use Linux's lofi mount to mount the devices by the device paths and try to scrape or copy the files off these disks but I have no experience with this. Thanks, Cindy