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    JMS Capture: Help With Generating Source Definitions File Using GENDEF

    Paul Good



      For capturing messages from a JMS queue the utility gendef is provided for generating the source definitions file. In the examples provided the source definitions files are already included so I would like some details on how to create this file for a new XML message structure. When I attempt to create the definitions file for one of the examples using the below command it fails when I remove the preexisting source definitions file dirprm/dt.def:


      C:\goldengate>gendef -prop dirprm/jmsvam-dt.properties -out dirdef/dt.def

      Using property file: dirprm/jmsvam-dt.properties

      Outputting definition to: dirdef/dt.def

      Source_file = dirdef/dt.def

      Error occured in defschema.c[489]: Could not open file: dirdef/dt.def


      Error occured in defschema.c[607]: Error parsing sourcefile


      Error occured in xmlparser.c[63]: Problem reading schema from sourcedefs file dirdef/dt.def


      Error occured in parser.c[263]: Problem initializing the XML parser


      Error occured in javavamimpl.c[122]: Could not initialize parser


      Could not initialize Generic Vam


      How can you create the source definition file if it does not exist in the first place?


      Any help would be gratefully received.





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          If you are "capturing" JMS messages via GG, and creating a GG trail -- then, will this trail be applied to a target database, using GG replicat?  If so, then run "defgen" against that target database schema, then you have your source-definitions.


          The second part of this requires that you have your JMS receiver (aka JMS "capture", aka JMS "VAM") properties file configured so that it parses the incoming XML so that it maps to the target database schema.


          The "gendef" (not to be confused by "defgen") would be useful when you have input (JMS messages) generated via (for example) a mainframe application, and already had a cobol copybook formatted definition file, and wanted to convert this "definition" into a GoldenGate source-"definition" file.


          (Note: if using GG v12 defgen, be sure to generate the source-definitions file (via defgen) using "format release 11.2" source-definitions output.  Because presently the only GG JMS capture version available is as of yet v11.2.  But these trails can be sent to a newer, v12 replicat without a problem.)