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    OLR restoring without any backup


      Hello folks,


      Need some clarification, what to do if you dont have any OLR backup? I can just re-configure problematic node like:


      # <$GRID_HOME>/crs/install/rootcrs.pl -deconfig -force

      # <$GRID_HOME>/root.sh


      and it always works, new OLR is created, CRS is up. But I think such action is risky in production environments. Also I've tried to restore OLR from OCR and got this entry in alert.log like

      [client(4123)]CRS-2102:The OLR was restored from file /u01/11.2.0/grid/cdata/collabn-cluster/backup02.ocr.


      So it shows that OLR is ok now, but "crsctl start crs" hangs and entry below constantly appers in alert.log


      [ohasd(4134)]CRS-2112:The OLR service started on node collabn1


      I've never heard that OLR can be restored from OCR, it just was my test.


      Any ideas?