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    Oracle Account Receivables Lockbox Error, No ITEM NUM on PAYMENT record type.




      For "Process Lockbox" program. The program completes normally, but receipts are not created and I am getting below error in log file:-  

      "AR-ARLFMT: No ITEM NUM on PAYMENT record type."


      This error message is similar to error message mentioned in note id (Troubleshooting Known Issues In Lockbox (Doc ID 1366298.1)) :-


      1. 2.10. Lockbox ends with error: "AR-ARLFMT: No PAYMENT NUM on PAYMENT record type"




      You are trying to run lockbox and receive this error message in the log file:

      AR-ARLFMT: No PAYMENT NUM on PAYMENT record type.

      Your lockbox interface program has completed successfully, however,there is No Data Found in the AR_PAYMENTS_INTERFACE table.



      Responsibility: Receivables Manager

      Navigation: Setup > Receipts > Lockboxes > Transmission Formats


      For the Transmission Format name that you are using, make sure that there is a 'Transmission Record' defined and that there is a Transmission Field with a Field Type of  'Record Identifier' defined.

        Make sure to include the check number in Transmission Format and Control file


      and item number is:-

      • Item Number: A sequence number that your bank assigns to a specific payment. This number associates an invoice with a receipt.


      I am passing item number, but still I am getting this error.


      Can anybody please help.


      Thanks in advance.



      Gagan Garg