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    cx_Oracle cursor - return named tuple


      Hello All,


      I'm having trouble figuring a way to convert the row returned from a basic execute statement into a named tuple/Dictionary.


      The idea, is to be able to access each field via row['column_name']. I'm currently looking at creating a factory, but still a complete noob to python and cx_Oracle.



      cur.execute(""SELECT * FROM V$INSTANCE""")
      #print 'Query Executed..'
      row = cur.fetchone()
      #print 'Cursor Loaded.'
      #print result[0], result[1]
      list = {}
      list['host_name'] = row['host_name']
      print row['host_name']



      Thanks in advance for your assistance.


      Jan S.

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          Hello All,


          Managed through some weird keyword search to find a nice little article. here is the solution.

          cur = oracle.cursor()
          cur.execute("""SELECT * FROM V$DATABASE""")
          data = rows_to_dict_list(cur)
          for row in data:
          print row['PROTECTION_LEVEL']
          def rows_to_dict_list(cursor):
          columns = [i[0] for i in cursor.description]
          return [dict(zip(columns, row)) for row in cursor]






          Jan S.


          ps - I hate these new editors, Python requires indentations, but that does not mean I want to create and html table from it.