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    Is this 2014 or 1960?


      I just want to say that it is completely ridiculous for a company that claims to be cutting edge to

      have such shoddy service when it comes to certification.  Ordering an exam voucher should

      not be that difficult.  I ordered one and after waiting two days, called a rep, talked to someone

      named Ajith, he said it would be out in a few hours, called back in a few hours, talked with

      another person who contacted some other department, and I got an email back saying that they

      had already sent it out!  I then called back and asked to speak to a supervisor, the supervisor thenhad me forward the email I received to her, and then told me that they would get one sent to me in a "couple of hours".   I said "A couple hours?"  Was I speaking to Oracle or Enron?   I asked to speak with their supervisor.   So I then get someone on the line named Lynn, and she is going to "call me back"as soon as they get the voucher.   I can understand occasional problems with computers and the like,but it really stands to reason that something as simple as an exam voucher should not take more thantwo days, in fact, it should not take 24 hours. As it stands, I am again waiting . . .