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    Free Linux Terminal emulator


      Hi friends,


      As you know, some oracle DB components  need be installed under GUI interface.

      Please advise which is a free best linux client Terminal emulator that can be easy configured a linux  GUI interface  for DBA?


      I do not think  putty is a good linux GUI interface tool.




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          Paul M.
          which is a free best linux client Terminal emulator that can be easy configured a linux  GUI interface  for DBA?

          I use VNC : you start vncserver on linux server, and use some VNC viewer (e.g. UltraVNC Viewer) on your Client.

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            A terminal emulator and X Window GUI are different things. You can have a terminal emulator in a graphical desktop environment, but you cannot display GUI in a terminal.


            Putty is just a SSH client and terminal emulator (VT) and can be used with X-forwarding to display remote GUI applications (Linux), provided you are have a X Window server installed and running on your local computer, e.g. Xming Server for Windows.


            Perhaps you will find the free version of http://mobaxterm.mobatek.net/ useful. It is a single application based on Cygwin that allows you run GUI applications from your remote Linux system.


            By far the best terminal emulator in terms of user interface and configuration options that I’m aware of is the Terminal App of MacOSX, which also automatically opens Xorg if you open a GUI application. And it provides the full set of terminal escape sequences. But if you are on Windows….


            Alternatively, use VNC. You can run VNC in several modes, either to open an existing remote desktop connection, start a new desktop connection, or run a minimal X windows server, such as TWM that does not require you to install or run a graphical user desktop on your remote Linux server. If you are interested in VNC, perhaps check the following: https://community.oracle.com/thread/2456580. You can also tunnel VNC through SSH if your network firewall prevents communication.

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              We are not allowed  to install  vncserver on linux server. That is I want to find a client tool to generate a GUL interface for DBA in client window side .

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                Then perhaps MobaXterm as previously mentioned will be useful. It's free and a single application (1 file) that does not need complex installing or understanding the process of running a remote GUI app. I cannot speak much for its terminal abilities, but If you are mainly interested in running a remote GUI, such as DBCA or NETCA that should do.

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                  Thanks very much. I will learn this tool.

                  Yes. I need tool that is  in running  my client window  and generate a GUI interface is used to operate  DBCA or NETCA  and oracle install tool and configure RAC and data guard.


                  I will feedback MobaXterm experience in my window testing



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                    i  installed mobaxterm persona; 6.6. However, i am able to generate an GUI interface for DB install/configure tool.

                    Any experience to help me ?

                    Thanks in advance



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                      I guess you mean you are NOT able to. Well, what exactly are you doing?


                      If I remember correctly, all you have to do is to open mobaXterm on your PC, then establish a ssh session with X forwarding and run your X app. Remember, you must not set any DISPLAY variable because ssh will take care of it and you cannot use the su command because it will break xauth authenticaton.


                      So simply open mobaxterm:


                      ssh -X oracle@remote_ip

                      . oraenv



                      make sure you are not setting any DISPLAY variables in your startup scripts, and have xAuth installed. You can use ssh -vvv to debug the connection process.

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                        Thanks so much.

                        Below is what I got  error message

                        [oracle@test01 ~]$ startx

                        -bash: startx: command not found

                        [oracle@test01 ~]$ xclock

                        -bash: xclock: command not found

                        [oracle@test01 bin]$ ./dbca

                        [oracle@test01 bin]$ --no any response message in here==================

                        [oracle@test01 bin]$ ./netca


                        Oracle Net Services Configuration:

                        Error: null

                        Check the trace file for details: /u01/app/oracle/cfgtoollogs/netca/trace_OraDb11g_home1-1401242PM4123.log

                        Oracle Net Services configuration failed.  The exit code is 1

                        [oracle@test01 bin]$./runInstaller

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                          There is no need or reason to start or even install the X Window system on your remote Linux server for what you are trying to accomplish. The X Window server only needs to run on the computer that is directly attached to your display and keyboard. In your case that is done with MobaXterm.


                          With ssh and X forwarding, the X app is running on the remote Linux system, but the X Window output is directed to “localhost”, which the ssh server on your remote system intercepts and tunnels back to the ssh client on on your local PC system, where your X Window server can display the output.


                          In order to use xclock and ssh with X forwarding make sure you have the following packages installed on your Linux system:

                          yum install xorg-x11-apps xauth


                          Then to display a remote X11 app on your PC, like previously outlined, is very simple:


                          1. Start MobaXterm application

                          2. type: ssh -X oracle@ip_remote_host

                          You should then see the remote terminal prompt:

                          3. type “xclock”

                          4. It should display an analog clock, or you can see the window icon in the task bar.