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    Stopping server process


      Hi specialists,


      i have a question:

      We have a replication from a HP-Non-Stop to a LINUX-System (Oracle Database).

      If the extract on Non-Stop side is started, the manager on the LINUX side starts ther server-process which writes the trailfile, so it looks like this:


      UID        PID  PPID  C STIME TTY          TIME CMD

      deboladm  3484     1  0  2013 ?        00:18:57 ./mgr PARAMFILE /ggs/OGG_11. REPORTFILE /ggs/OGG_11.

      deboladm  4601  3484  0  2013 ?        00:30:38 ./server -p 1601-1699 -m 1600 -k -l /ggs/OGG_11.


      Now i want to stop, so I stop all replicats and the manager, then nothing is written into DB.

      But the server process, in this example pid 4601 keeps runing till extract is stopped on HP-Non-Stop side.

      Do I have a clean possibilty to stop this server process ? Of course, I can kill the process, but i do not like this way

      and for the best solution, stopping it on Non-Stop side we have to organize another team to do it.

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          to stop GG from replicating data completely, you need to stop manager(on both extract/replicat side) and all extract and replicat processes. Once you stop all these processes, replication stops completely.


          Server process seems to be monitoring process running on HP-Non-Stop system which needs to be stopped. I would recommend not to kill the process unless and until absolutely needed. Get other team and find out what this server process is doing and then stop it.