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    Nodes evicting policy

    Andrea Anastasia

      Dear all,
      I have an issue on a stretched production cluster, running 2 node Oracle RAC 11gR2 located in two different sites.


      The problem we are facing is, the node 1 of the cluster on the site 1 has lost the external connectivity on both private and public interconnections.


      In this case, node 1 and node 2 failed due the network heartbeat check on the private interconnection but node 2 still have the public interconnection where many applications are working on.


      According to the Oracle evicting policy, at this stage, the master node (maybe the node with the lowest node number) sends a "kill signal" to the other node to prevent a potential "Split Brain effect".


      I was wondering, is there any polocy I can set up just to define a priority among the nodes? I would like to preserve "alive" the node reachable by the applications (node2 with just public interconnection up) and let the other node (node1 with both connections down) be evicted.


      I will really appreciate all of your answers.