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    V$ASM_FILE.MODIFICATION_DATE always showing full-hour timestamps & seemingly not up-to-date



      I'm trying to devise a script that, run from an +ASM instance, will list me files with their last update.

      But I'm afraid it doesn't work as I thought. I'm in 11g R2.


      1/ Funnily enough when looking at this column (of type DATE) it always shows values like:


      ~ select concat('+'||gname, sys_connect_by_path(aname, '/')) full_path, last_modif

      ~ ...

      ~ FULL_PATH                                           LAST_MODIF

      ~ --------------------------------------------------- -----------------

      ~ +DATA1/DB/DATAFILE/SYSAUX.257.827223069             20140123 10:00.00

      ~ ...

      ~ +FRA1/DB/CONTROLFILE/Current.256.827223239          20140123 08:00.00


      i.e. like all my files whatsoever always got written only at any hour dot zero minute zero second;


      2/ this DB is currently not used, but after doing a small update on a table and even doing an

      ALTER SYSTEM CHECKPOINT and re-running my statement above I saw no change in the

      values of v$asm_file.modification_date.


      Does the ASM instance really reflect when [data]files are written ? And isn't there a mistake

      in the minutes and seconds values displayed ??