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    ora-01031 unsufficient privileges when attempting duplicate database


      Hello all....


      I am having a problem with creating a standby database using the duplicate target from active standby command and am at my wits end....


      My environment is linux x86.


      I've got the listener and tnsnames configured on both servers and can connect to the standby database using the network service from both the primary and standby when it is open and when it is mounted with no problems.


      When the standby database is not mounted, I can connect from the command line using sql*plus.  Once in sql*plus, when I try to 'connect sys@<svcname> as sysdba' I get ora-01031 unsufficient privileges.  This results in the same error

      when I attempt the duplicate command.


      I know I'm missing something and for the life of me can not figure out what it is.  I don't understand why I'm only having this problem when the standby database is not mounted.




      Thanks in advance...