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    "Status: Failure - Test Failed: Unsupported Oracle database version"


      I installed SQL Developer 4.0 for windows 32-bit. I kept getting "Status: Failure - Test Failed: Unsupported Oracle database version" when trying to make TNS connection to remote Oracle databases. Does anyone have any solution?


      I have Oracle Instant Client which I downloaded from Oracle website and extracted the zip file to C:\Program Files\Oracle\instantclient_11_2. The ‘tnsnames.ora’ file has been posted to this folder as well.

      The following values I set under Preferences|Database|Advanced,

      ·         Use Oracle client – Instant Client: file:/C:/Program Files/Oracle/instantclient_11_2/

      ·         Tnsnames Directory – C:\Program Files\Oracle\instantclient_11_2

      I have manually added “C:\Program Files\Oracle\instantclient_11_2” to the PATH and TNS_ADMIN.


      Do I need anything else to make a successful TNS connection?


      Platform: Windows 7 32-bit