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    OTMQ + JCA - Is it threadsafe?




      Currently we are having a doubt in our mind regarding using the OTMQ together with a JCA component. We are building in our architecture a component in order to call, by a java bean deployed inside a WL server, an OTMQ instance running in the same machine. This OTMQ instance is the OTMQ standalone platform (not Tuxedo + OTMQ) and we would use, on the Java side, a mix of JCA and, if necessary, JNI calls to make a connection between both these components.


      My doubt here is, since WL will have many instances of this bean, is there any issues I should be aware regarding using multiple threads in this kind of component? I believe we shouldn't have any issues with that, since OTMQ work similar as the Tuxedo /Q, but I was just wondering if there's something we are missing here.


      If you could just help me understand if I will have trouble with this architecture, I would be very grateful.




      Brunno Attorre