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    Snapshop Standby and Synchronizing with Primary for Database Replay


      We currently use RMAN Duplicate operations to set up out test database for use with database with replay. This enables us to get the test database to the exact SCN where we started the Database Capture, enabling us to keep the divergence on replay to an absolute minimum.


      I am investigating the possibility of using snapshot standby databases as a faster method of preparing the test database.

      I was imagining the course of action may be;


      On primary - stop log apply, start capture (and have these operations happen as soon as possible - there exists the possibility that several transactions may happen between the stop log apply, and the start of the replay however)

      On standby, convert to snapshot standby, create restore point for START_OF_CAPTURE


      We can then perform multiple replays on the snapshot standby, flashing back to START_OF_CAPTURE each time.


      The question is however, how do we get the snapshot standby to the EXACT scn at the time of the start of capture, because at that SCN, the standby database is a physical standby, and if we try and flash it back to that SCN, after being converted to a snapshot standby, then surely the database still thinks its a standby??

      If we convert the standby to a snapshot standby before the capture commences, then this SCN will be before the start of capture, and there would be no way of rolling forward to the SCN matching the start of capture?


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      This is, thanks.