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    Separate FRA diskgroup for each prod database?


      Hi there


      Env: Oracle 11gR2 EE (, RHEL 6.2 64bit

      Storage: Filesystem

      Databses: ten databases on PROD and 20 on the DEV


      I have two existing servers with above configuration - one DEV and one PROD. I have to move all databases from both servers to new servers.

      I have two options. Configure the new servers exactly the same way (same oracle software, same mounts-points, directory structures, etc) and move/copy the databases over. The  other option is to use ASM for storage instead of filesystem.


      Client's DBA is asking for a separate FRA diskgroup for each database. His reason is that if the FRA gets filled up by archivelogs due to some process in any of the databases, all databases will stop responding.


      • Is this a valid concern and what is the best way to deal with this kind of situation?
      • Should I create a separate FRA diskgroup for each database?


      The archivelogs are being backed up every 20minutes for each PROD database.


      Please advise!


      Best regards

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          You can limit FRA for each database with DB_RECOVERY_FILE_DEST_SIZE parameter.

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            As Mihael said, you limit the FRA size with the above mentioned parameter. If it fills up, then the database will stop responding but that doesn't mean that the whole diskgroup will fill up. If you have a 100 Gb FRA diskgroup, for example you can limit the FRA to 10Gb for each DB (more or less depending on the redo generation trends) and if you have a sound archivelog backup and deleting policy, it won't even come to that. Your diskgroup will look like this:










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