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    Project Billing Question


      Hi All,


      I have couple of Project billing questions. Hope you can help

      1)A wrong customer was attached to project billing agreement, funding and base line also completed for the customer.
      Now we realized that its wrong customer and want to change it to correct customer.
      What are the options we have here?
      Can we delete or end date the billing agreement?
      will the funding be release from the wrong customner after deleting or end dating the billing agreement?

      2) Wrong customer attached to a project..agreements,funding,baselining are NOT done.
      How can we delete this customer and add the correct customer?
      The option to change the customer is grayed out.



      Appreciate if you can help.


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          Dina Rotem



          On your first question you said the agreement was created for wrong customer. Since you already baselined the funding, I assume you have that customer linked to the project.

          You can go the Agreement form and  enter a negative funding line allocated to the same project. The total allocated amount will be zero. The agreement is now not allocated and free to be allocated to another project. If it is a wrong agreement you may update the agreement amount to zero.  Now create a new agreement for the right customer.

          The open issue is with the project. You have a wrong customer associated with that project. However, system will not allow you to remove the customer - project record.  Solution depends on the way the project was setup. Did you enable customer at top task? if so, end date the top task and create an alternative top task with the right customer.

          If the project has been set with a single customer you better close the project and start a new one.

          However, if you need an alternative solution, I can suggest a custom method. Go to Help > ..> Examine and change the existing customer of the project to zero contribution.

          Now you will be able to add the right customer to the project and have 100% contribution on it.