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    MDAC 2.8 and Oracle 10g

      MDAC 2.8 (Microsoft ODBC for Oracle) will connect to Oraclei 9i but not 10g, any ideas? Thanks.
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          Is there a reason that you cannot use the Oracle ODBC driver?

          Microsoft hasn't updated their ODBC driver for Oracle in a long time. It's still using the Oracle 7 OCI calls, which were desupported in 9i and are likely not to work going forward.

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            I got it


            Update the following registry key with the following information
            [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\MSDTC\MTxOCI] "OracleXaLib"="oraclient10.dll" "OracleSqlLib"="orasql10.dll" "OracleOciLib"="oci.dll"

            Make sure your Windows environment variable “Path” includes the Oracle 10g bin directory

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              Henry Bosch
              Unfortunately, this is not supported by Microsoft or Oracle. As stated in Microsoft Data Access directional statement, ODBC for Oracle, as well as MSDAORA are deprecated technologies.

              In a shop where we have many small Access 2000 databases, upgrading to .NET with Access 2003 would be a nightmare. Is there any other solution? 3rd party vendors?

              Is everyone that is unwilling to upgrade MS Access to a .NET version entering unsupported territory and "hacking in" the 10G dll's?