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    Problem with JSF OBE


      I've been going through the following OBE with JDeveloper Preview

      "Getting Started with JSF in Oracle JDeveloper"

      In part 2 of section "Include Managed Beans and Action Methods", it says to do the following:

      "Double click on the Press Me 3 Times !!! button. This will open the backend generated code/javabean for this page, and put the cursor in the method - commandButton_action() - that will be executed when the button is pressed."

      In my case, I don't get any generated code/javabean, just a dialog prompting me for a Name and a Class Name.

      I suspect the OBE might have been written for an earlier release of JDeveloper Preview 10.1.3, as the screen shot earlier for creating a new application workspace (after right-click) doesn't match mine exactly (mine says "New Application" without the "Workspace").

      Could someone please check the OBE and see if it's still valid for the latest JDev Preview release?

      Many thanks,