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    collapse/expand of indented source lines

      I observed that in the margin of the pl/sql editor a [+] appears before each statement that normally precedes an indentated piece of code (e.g. BEGIN, FOR, IF etc.). On small pieces of such code clicking the [+] indeed nicely collapses all indented lines. This is a beautiful feature, which makes reading large chunks of code a lot easier.
      However, on larger pieces of code it seems that the link with the matching END, END LOOP or END IF is lost, and the collapse does not work. In other cases too many lines are being collapsed.
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          Kris Rice-Oracle
          Thanks this is a known issue that we're working on.
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            The problem I have found with this is that is seams to work fine except in situations where you have a WHEN in you package/function.

            Two examples that I have found will not collaspse the code correctly is where there is an exception clause present. The code will collaspe upto the WHEN clause, take out the WHEN clauses and it collapses fine.


            when others then

            The other example is when using a WHEN statement within a cursor which you can do with the CASE statement, this causes the collaspse functionality to also fail.


            cursor .......
            select (case when amount is not null then ..........

            Other than that I`m liking RAPTOR so far, thumbs up.....

            Hope that helps folks.

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              Also it would really be beneficial if there's an option to collapse all/ expand all kind of functionality... In case of large programs, that is really needed ..