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    11g: Grid and Oracle homes in 11.2 ?, or 11.2.0 ?, or 11.2.0.X... ?



      I've installed the Grid Infrastructure and Oracle 11gR2 on our new

      machines respectively in




      A friend of mine told me I should have installed Oracle in


      (because I'm indeed in component rel. n° 3 of 11.2.0)


      I have 2 questions:

      1/ Do you guys have recommendations/advice regarding the location

      of your GI & Oracle binaries as to whether or not get down to the component

      version in your path ? What would you suggest me and why ?


      2/ I intend to upgrade to, but now I got a problem with the Grid

      installation: what should I do, create a new gridHome/, or erase/upgrade

      the contents of my actual 11.2.0 ? What do you think ?


      In advance, thanks !