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    Best practice about FTP folder in weblogic


      Not sure this is the right place to post this question. Apology if not.


      I am developing an FTP process that will put/get files between my weblogic server and an external server. Files will be processed daily and saved in the folder on a daily basis as well for later reference. My question is, what's the best practice as to where to place the ftp folder. Should it be under a folder under weblogic domain? or outside of the weblogic domain? Should be created by Java code or manually created by admin people? or configured in an XML file? Please give details like Java code and XML entries. Or is it possible to create a new folder in Eclipse and the new folder will be auto-created when project is deployed to weblogic?



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          Myself I would require that the root folder be created by admins.  That way the user that Weblogic runs under would not have permissions above that level.  If there are sub folders it would depend on how they are being used.


          As long as the folder is distinct from other folders it shouldn't matter whether it is under web logic or not.  Might be easier if it wasn't since then it wouldn't depend on the structure of Weblogic itself (in providing docs for it.)  But a configuration value that specifies the location would allow admins themselves to define.