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    Failing to identify storage type while using the command exectask...why and how ?


      HI all,


      While installing the grid infrastructure, the installer tries to verify the storage type of the devices, and fails.

      Here is the issue:


      /u01/app/11.2.0/grid/cv/remenv/exectask -getsttype /dev/vgca0p1

      <CV_ERR>location:sprvsgt opname: category:-2 otherInfo: Unknown STTYPE!</CV_ERR><CV_VRES>16</CV_VRES><CV_LOG>Exectask:getsttype failed</CV_LOG><CV_ERES>0</CV_ERES>



      I wonder if anyone knows how the “exectask –getsttype” check for the storage type ?



      Roye Avidor