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    Need o know which of this product options are necessary for Oracle Rac to function


      Hi experts.

      I see several product options like *Olap* and Enterprise MAnager and I wonder which of this product options are necessary for Oracle Database Rac to function:


      col comp_id format a9

      col status format a6

      col version format a11

      col comp_name format a35

      select SUBSTR(comp_id,1,12) comp_id, status, SUBSTR(version,1,10) version,SUBSTR(comp_name,1,40) comp_name FROM dba_registry ORDER BY 1;


      AMD   VALID  OLAP Catalog
      APEX  VALID  Oracle Application Express
      APS   VALID  OLAP Analytic Workspace

      CATALOG   VALID  Oracle Database Catalog Views

      CATJAVA   VALID  Oracle Database Java Packages

      CATPROC   VALID  Oracle Database Packages and Types

      CONTEXT   VALID  Oracle Text

      EM    VALID  Oracle Enterprise Manager
      EXF   VALID  Oracle Expression Filter
      JAVAVMVALID  JServer JAVA Virtual Machine
      ORDIM VALID  Oracle Multimedia
      OWB   VALID  OWB
      OWM   VALID  Oracle Workspace Manager
      RAC   VALID  Oracle Real Application Clusters
      RUL   VALID  Oracle Rules Manager
      SDO   VALID  Spatial
      XDB   VALID  Oracle XML Database
      XML   VALID  Oracle XDK
      XOQ   VALID  Oracle OLAP API


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