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Migrate database from P6 6.2.1 to P6 R83

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Hi, new to Primavera so be kind...


Currently we have a Primavera P6 6.2.1 installation on a server running Oracle 10g 10.2.0.  In a bid to upgrade the infrastructure, we have a new 2008R2 server with Oracle 11g 11.2.0 ready to host a new Primavera instance.  I have installed the P6 R83 Database without loading sample data as I didn't want it to interfere with our data when I finally manage to migrate it.


This brings me to my question; how do I migrate our PMDB db from old to new?  I have read about using the migrate.bat but I can't find the 6.2.1 installer to run the equivalent migrate.bat file - I read it was bad juju to try running a newer version of the bat on an older db.  I have tried running it from the new server but I keep getting the following error:


ORA-12505, TNS:Listener does not currently know of SID given in connect descriptor.


I have amended the tnsnames file to include the connect descriptor of the old server, but no luck, same error code.


I was thinking of manually copying the .DBF files from the old to the new server and simply overwriting them.  Then I could update them manually somehow?!


Any help on this is gratefully received and will be rewarded with magical OTN points.


Many thanks,



EDIT**  Exciting development in the 8 and a half minutes since I posted!  My boss pointed out the error in my connection details within the migrate tool!  Now I am a little further ahead, but not all the way yet...


I am at the stage 'Configure Oracle Tablespaces'.  If I try and except the defaults I get the following error:   NullPointerException: null (null).  I think this is thrown because the value for Temporary tablespace is empty and there is nothing to be selected from the drop down menu.  What do?!


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