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    Sample import script in FDMEE


      Hello All,


      I am new to FDMEE. All I am trying to do is read from a .csv file and then concatenate a couple of fields to get Account. I have used FDM a lot but I am struggling with FDMEE. Can someone please help me with this?




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          In your FDMEE import format this is supported by creating multiple Dimension Rows (for the Target Dimension) for each of the fields you wish to concatenate together. FDMEE will then do the concatenation for you. It is the same functionality present in classic FDM

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            Francisco Amores



            concatenating fields work in the same way as FDM. You don't really need a script for that.

            For example if you have your file as:


            and your source account is Field1_Field2, then you can configure your import format to have three lines for Account dimension:


            Line 1 - Field number = 1

            Line 2 - Field number = 1 and Expression is _

            Line 3 - Field number = 2


            You can also use import scripts if you consider. In FDMEE, import scripts must be implemented in Jython. You have few examples in the admin guide.


            Hope that helps



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              Thank you. I created separate line items in the import format and it worked. One more question: do you have an example of an import integration script? I need to connect to SQL server database and pull the data directly into FDMEE.

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                Francisco Amores

                Integration scripts are different than Classic FDM.


                You can use Open Interface adapter as source. You will have to move data from your SQL database into the Open Interface table. There is an example on Page 263 to load data from database into OI table.


                Hope that clarifies


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