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    Change Font (mass) - Documaker 12.1




      We have a situation. We have built all our Forms in a particular Font Family (different sizes). Recently we have upgraded our Documaker Studio Version to 12.1 and apparently the Post Script file that get's generated does not support the said Font.


      Now, we have to go back and change ALL the components which has the old font to a new one.


      Is there a way to make this happen without us going into individual component and change the Font? We do have the Font-IDs that we require to change (from/to).


      Any help in giving a direction would be greatly appreciated.



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          While it is true that newer versions of Documaker ship with a different set of fonts and FXR files, there is no need to change your forms to use the new fonts and FXR files. You can continue to use your previous set of fonts and FXR files. Since the newer fonts and FXR files do not include PostScript fonts (and you need to print PostScript I presume), it would make even more sense to continue to use your previous set of fonts and FXR files.


          Copy your old FXR file into the Deflib directory for your Studio MRL (if necessary) and then go into the Application Definition tool to configure your workspace to use the old FXR file. Copy your old printer fonts (including PostScript) into the Fontlib directory for your Studio MRL.


          Much less work than changing all of your components to use a different set of fonts.

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            Mr Peabody-Oracle

            Agree with the previous response. If you are doing this just because you upgraded and now there is a new FXR in the product, that is no reason to give up your previous one. Your licensing still allows you to continue using the fonts you previously employed.


            If there is some other reason compelling you to change fonts across multiple sections, this is possible using DMStudio.


            Go to Conversion.


            Choose Change Multiple Sections.


            Browse for library items. I would not try to select the entire library of FAPs. Choose 20 or 30 at a time. Choosing hundreds can be a pain if something goes wrong and might take a while. You probably want to confirm periodically that your changes are going through.


            Next through the next couple wizard pages and you will find a page that has “Change Font ID” as a section.


            Use the little plus-sign to add a row at a time where you specify the “old font ID” to replace with a “new font ID”. If there are more than a few, you might want to consider creating a simple text file with the old and new IDs to import. The file format should look something like this:


            There are semicolons on either side and one between the old ID and the new. Then use the import button will pick the file. That should bring in your proposed changes.


            Next to the Finish page and be sure that the Check files into library is checked. That way, new revisions of the sections will be created.


            But as we have said, if your only reason for doing so is that you see the default FXR and delivered fonts have changed, there is nothing compelling you to switch. Just keep your old set in place.

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              I think I missed out on the second response before I posted my reply.


              Now that sounds like a workable option - user9976634. Will try and get back here. Thank You for your time.


              Appreciate your time in responding to my question.


              I think I'll have to explain a bit more clearly here. In all of our Forms we have used Albany which had Font-ID series in 2#####, however Post Script process generation does not recognize these Fonts. So we are expected to revert all such font references to the older Font-ID Series 1######.


              We are trying to address the above situation. Thank You.

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                Thank YOU!!! This works like a charm.


                Appreciate you taking time and responding to my question!